The Consumer

The costumer is the selective person who wants to be a gamechanger. It is a person who after all only cares about taste, not alcohol. The person is not afraid to stand out by choosing "left", when everybody choose "right". It is a person who takes pleasure seriously and reflects on life with a certain intellectuality.
Taste is elements

Visualizing the tasting elements from the hops is the central idea behind our packaging design.
Built from the original Royal star which symbolizes the process of making a beer, we added the tasting elements of the hops.
Taste is Addenda

The great taste is added late in the brewing process, Therefore we wanted to find a sophisticated but meaningful name. Addenda, from the latin word Addendum, describes an element, or material that is added at the end of a process. The word has a certain self-esteem as the costumer.
Taste is Temperature

The temperature influences the flavour in beer, which is why we developed a temperature reflecting packaging design. When the beer is at the recommended temperature, the elements of taste will embrace you.
Taste is Process

Drinking the beer you will discover the process behind brewing. The water drops printed on the inside of the backside label will center, and come out on the front label to be combined with the other ingredients. 
This is a case study from the School of Visual Communication. Co-owner: Caroline Lisby. Duration: 4 weeks.
Supervisors: Simon Rubaudo & Poul Mikkelsen, Advising. We don't have the rights to the images and music.

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