My portfolio shows who i am as a person. I am detail—oriented, classic with an edge and sometimes very colorful. I am inspired everyday by the pop-culture, art history, second hand shops and even in the trash. I am fascinated by element inventions, colour, movement and compositions. In my work you will often find a mix of classic elements with updated graphic design and sometimes i get inspired in the weirdest time and places. A walk through the neighbourhood where I find myself taking a picture of a small detail on a building in an alley because it complements the composition on a certain project. You name it. Any time. Everywhere. I love to try and find new analogue methods or graphic layouts which make the project stand out from the crowd. I designs & conceptualises for both cultural, artistic and commercial fields.
What i like, can, do
Art Direction — Graphic Design — Brand Communication
Visual Identity Systems — Printed Materials — Illustration
...and so what if the list is short!
I'm only 25!
Practical information
Name — Line Marie Rasmussen
City — Copenhagen, Denmark
Born — 08th of November, 1992
Nationality — Danish
Languages — Danish, English, (German), (Spanish)

Eye colour — Army
Height — 1,75 m
Shoesize — 39
Work experience
Junior Designer — Fireball
Copenhagen — 2018 (Current job)

Graphic Designer — MUST
Copenhagen — 2017

Graphic Design Intern — Yellow1
Copenhagen — 2017

Graphic Design Intern — WAAITT
Copenhagen — 2016 - 2017

Graphic Designer —
Copenhagen — 2016

Online Model & Photo Assistant, Only
Brande — 2012 - 2014
Ba in Visual Communication — Skolen for Visuel Kommunikation
Haderslev — 2014 - 2017
Publications / Web references
Mentioning Konnerup & Co
Book — Sandu Publishing — Februar 2018

Danske Line Marie - Headhuntet af Father John Misty
Article — GAFFA — 27.05.2016
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